WordPress Security

Ensure that your WordPress blog or website does not have any security issues that malicious hackers can exploit. A secure WordPress means more traffic and more business.

Want to Secure your WordPress but don’t know from where to Start?

Do you use WordPress for your business website or blog? Is your WordPress hackable? Don’t wait until your self-hosted WordPress blog or website is hacked to start thinking about securing your WordPress. Act now, harden your WordPress site and beat the malicious hackers!
Hire the WordPress Security Specialists and secure your WordPress

Our WordPress Security Hardening service is ideal for anyone who owns and runs a self-hosted WordPress blog or website to help them combat the always rising malicious attacks and malware infections.


WordPress Security Hardening Service includes:

  • Implement strong WordPress dashboard security tweaks to stop malicious hacker attacks
  • Check and ensure that strong passwords are used in the WordPress installation
  •  Add additional security layers to protect the WordPress database from malicious attacks and zero day vulnerabilities
  •  Check that all WordPress software used, such as WordPress themes and WordPress plugins are secure, properly configured and do not pose any security risks
  •  Manually check that correct privileges (WordPress roles and capabilities) were assigned to each WordPress user and update where necessary
  • Apply all other WordPress security measures to ensure that your WordPress blog or website is secured properly and does not expose sensitve data that could help malicious users craft an attack